by Frozen Remains

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released May 30, 2014

Mixing And Mastering by Nicolas Delestrade at NDSE studios (Paris, France)
Produced by Elias Remains
Recorded at Elec Seven Studios



all rights reserved


Frozen Remains Villahermosa, Mexico

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Track Name: The forgotten ones
Welcome to the promised land
a land for the hopeless
it doesn't matter in the end we're proud
of the ground we walk

a heavy sun over our shoulders
so in this town there's no place for the weak
a broken chest by the envy
so you never see us fall

in the middle of nowhere
we will stand and believe
cuz in the end we are the forgotten ones

welcome to the promised land
just feels the ground over your feet
the wind blow our courage and rage

estamos orgullosos del lugar de donde venimos
de esta tierra que llamamos hogar
it's the place we call home

just turn around and hear this words
we always remember where we came from

Track Name: Oceans of illusion
What is this place?
I need to know
and i feel lost

trapped inside my mind
Between the ruins of this life
Walking in memories of the time

this is an ocean of illusion
its time to come back
to the real line

visions of an empty earth
there´s nothing left under the glass
this is only a dream

Where is my mind?
Where is it?
Track Name: Last of our kind
A new reign has just begun it's time to take control
of the entire earth

you must obey the word of our lord
we have come to destroy and burn all the fake thrones

you must obey or die

we put the darkness on our side
death will be our sword it's time to erase it all

we are the last of our kind
we are the knights of the south side

we are the voice of a new generation
its now or never
its time to show our flame
and rise our heads
be prepared for the war because in the end
we will take the crown
Track Name: This is our legacy
It’s the beggining
be prepared
Brothers and sisters come arise
And now take my hand
Welcome one more time

We’re back with so much strenght
And a new visión of the world
And i want to say “ no one can stop this monster”
from now until forever we will never fall

Scream with me and just remember


And now we are fearless
No one can make us fall
Remember we are one

And we know the road is so fucking hard
It doesn’t matter we wil survive

Now its time to believe
And show the fire inside
Now its time to believe
And rise from the dark

open your eyes
Ignite the fire
The fire inside
Track Name: Endless life
Open your eyes to the real world
nothing is what it seems
wake up and see the reality
when you're back from where you started
it feels like you're trapped in a crystal wall

feels like you're betraying yourself?
feels like you are someone else
maybe are you insane,oh god this never ends

emptiness is everything you know
between the silence and the lost thoughts
then you're back from where you started
and you're still trapped inside a crystal wall

just tell me why can't you waste the time?
you never learn about life?
remember, you only live once
you have a chance to change your life

this is a vicious circle
this is an endless life
now this time come free your mind